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In today‚Äôs economy, even the largest companies have to be conscious of the bottom line.  Because of this reality, the idea of off-shoring technical support to countries like India is very attractive if only for the low cost.  Unfortunately, this does not always turn out to be a good financial choice.  Think of how offshore companies are able to lower the cost.  Are you really getting people who are qualified to deliver the best support for you, or are they creating problems that will require fixing later?  Is the difference in time zone going to create longer response time for your organization?  What about holiday schedules?  Are they going to be able to effectively receive requirements, and communicate the best approaches when it comes to on-going work?  The purpose of off-shoring is two-fold, to save your company money, and to remove the hassle of maintaining your solution so you can focus on the activities that make your business awesome and highly profitable.


Morinteresting, Inc. is different.  First, we have a highly skilled staff.  We are PI/Integration experts, and that is all we do.  We are constantly improve our skill sets and refine our abilities and can provide a depth of knowledge, architecture advice, development best practices, and technology understanding that most companies cannot.  Our depth of knowledge and experience in the industry means that we can usually find and correct issues in a fraction of the time of other companies, and our solutions tend to be easier to support and better for the business.  At the end of the day, outages are more costly than support, so having a team who can respond rapidly and solve the problem completely is worth the money.

 Being in the US gives us some key advantages over our outsourced brethren.  Specifically, we can come on site easily to learn the environment, learn your business, and interact with the different business users.  We can even if required, come back on site to troubleshoot and resolve issues with little to no notice.


Morinteresting, Inc. has a plan.  This means a predetermined strategy for support, alerting, development, and project implementation to ensure your environment is stable and ideal for support.  Our clients have been very pleased with how we have brought visibility to the interfaces and how they tie to the business, and how we have been able to stabilize the solution and implement development standards that are easy to understand and work.  We put special emphasis on understanding the business, so that we are able to put intelligent support and implementation strategies to business and so that we understand how things work in order to communicate effectively in the event of a support issue.  Our processes have been proven and refined over multiple large-scale implementations and support scenarios.  We have the staff, plan, process, and design ready to hit the ground running.



Contact Morinteresting Inc. at (757) 206-2692 and allow our staff to set up a meeting to show you what a serious, professional SAP integration company can do for your organization