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Big consulting companies promise the best, but what you get is whoever is available. Purely on statistics, sometimes that works out, but since you clicked here, we are guessing that is not the case. With Mor Interesting, Inc. we’re the best because we have to be. Big companies have big staff, and big budgets. They’re betting that you will keep the people they place, allow them to substitute whenever they need to, until they happen to pick someone acceptable (regardless of how that impacts your schedule), or in a worst-case scenario, that they have enough profit saved up to withstand being responsible for a failed implementation. Big companies think in terms of how much they can get away with.

Integration can be a gamble if done blindly, especially with the minimal attention expected from big companies. It takes a depth of knowledge both technical and functional, as well as the know-how and dedication to learn how your business runs and how it should run in an SAP environment. Our staff can stack the odds in your favor. Our consultants speak clearly, understand functional requirements, and will blow you away with quality results. We walk in with a plan, set traceable milestones, a get-it-done attitude, and a depth of technical knowledge with processes that have been refined from decades of project experience specific to integration. Think of us as a thinking cap for SAP integration; integration becomes smarter in our hands, and the result speaks of intelligent design, rather than a haphazard output based on time limits, indifference, and short attention spans – which is the input you can expect from a large company. We make the program work harder and smarter for your business – with us, you don’t have to choose between the two.

We are motivated differently. Unlike the big consulting firms, you are going to be one of the select few clients we will accept, so we are highly motivated to ensure your project’s success. Our employees are carefully screened by the CEO directly and our company as a whole has a reputation for delivering results on time, within budget, and in a professional manner. Our expertise does not range a wide variety of areas; we are simply the best at integration. That means functional, technical, basis, and administration. Implementation and support. We partner with other fantastic pre-screened companies that share our same ethics and work mentality for additional expertise in specific areas. We stay in business because our consultants get the job done. Frustrated with your current implementation partner? Try working with a company that values you.



Contact Morinteresting Inc. at (757) 206-2692 and allow our staff to set up a meeting to show you what a serious, professional SAP integration company can do for your organization